Maha Jiban is a charitable not-for-profit Organization. We work for the welfare of street children, provide education in a child-friendly way, help ill people, support old homeless women, and more! 

Our present activities are as follows:-

1) We rescue, rehabilitate and educate Street children and children residing at the Railway station, who are vulnerable to physical and sexual abuse.

2) We rescue and send to shelter homes, those children who are orphans or whose parents are addicted to drugs or alcohol and force those children into begging and flesh trade. So far we have rescued 50 girls and boys from different Railway stations like Sheoraphuli, Bandel, Rosulpur, and Bardhaman. They are now at different homes like SOS Children's Villages Kolkata, and others are at Probortok, Uttarpara home, etc.

3) Some children with parents could not be sent to shelter homes, so we try rehabilitating them in their respective places. There are 100 such children. For this, we undertake the following methods:

i) We provide monthly ration for the families of such street children and impart regular education through our teachers at various places like Bandel, Rosulpur, Bardhaman, Sheoraphuli, Dunlop, and Asansol. We are making sure that the children do not go hungry or forced to beg, and we provide sufficient rations for the whole family.

ii) We also have a sports teacher for practicing physical activities, games, and sports.

iii) We have built huts of bamboo for homeless children and their families. So far we have built almost 12 houses.

iv) We continuously counsel the parents so that they find some livelihood and treat the children fairly and not force them into begging. We encourage them to grow a kitchen garden around their huts. We reward them for achieving some small tasks we assign them so that they are encouraged enough to continue it.

Apart from that we also carry out the following works:

4) We financially support poor patients undergoing treatment for terminal diseases.

5) We rescue and rehabilitate old abandoned people from streets and Railway stations.

6) We support the regular treatment of differently abled children from humble backgrounds. We bear the expense of physiotherapy, medicines, conveyance for admitting them to the hospital, consulting doctors, buying medicines and buying equipment necessary for their treatments.

7) We support unprivileged meritorious students of class 10th and 12th with their education by providing their tuition fees and books or hostel expenses.

8) We carry out relief works at various places devastated by natural calamities like cyclones and floods.

9) We have also carried out health camps and distributed free medicines to the flood-affected people of Sundarbans.

10) We have also purchased land to build a school for underprivileged children in Rosulpur, Burdwan.