Our Mission

We want to start a virtual group where aim is ‘each 1 help 1’. Can we take the mission of helping 1 person each?

I am requesting you to target to help 1 needy person in your own capacity. We are making a group for this purpose. Everyone will set a small target and complete that. You will chose a small philanthropic activity for next 1 month and try to fulfill it. Then do the same for next month also. Maha Jiban is not asking for money. We are just bringing good people together. But you have to take the ownership of your cause.

If you want to take this challenge

  1. Fill up this form (Each 1 Help 1 Invite) and we will send you a request to join our group, i will add you to MahaJiban group where everyone will try this mission for next 1 year. We will inspire, discuss and help each others to help 1 person ​each. May be it will be a noble mass movement someday !

If you are ready to take up this challenge ping us in WhatsApp (+91 983-07-08-983 (Friends in Maha Jiban) and let me know .


How ‘each 1 help 1’ movement will work:

Everyone have to follow these steps like I did (Caution : If you are afraid of society, if you fear what other people will think about you then please do not try it):

  1. Find: Find someone who is in a distressed condition.
  2. Communicate: Take a deep breath and ask “What happened to you ? Are you ill or do you need help?” Talking to that distressed person may be the most difficult part for some of us. But if you fear society, afraid about what people may think, then you can not do anything. Take her picture. Record her statement. If she needs immediate money give her few hundreds rupees.
  3. Verify: Follow up , does she utilizing the money to heal herself ? Verify whether what he / she is telling true or not.
  4. Use social media to appeal : Now appeal to your friends , family and relatives in social network. Describe the details of her problem with pictures and appeal for help. You may get some donations, advise, contacts etc. If the person is not mentally stable you can tweet like I did (Techie's tweet to Maneka Gandhi results in the rescue of vagrant woman - Times of India) , (Vagrant picked up after techie's tweet to Maneka).
  5. Give feedback of every small progresses: Whatever small help you are doing share it again with all. People will inspire you and they will also be inspired.
  6. Do not fear failure: If that person is not willing to take your help or fraud star then again go to step 1. Otherwise share your final story on Quora or Facebook, and do not forget to tag me :)
  7. Take ownership : Form a group of friends or family members to help a person. But you have to take the ownership. No one will come to help you physically, be prepared for that.