Blood Donation

Best moments of today blood donation day celebration our Moitryee first time donate and motivated others to come forward and donate blood .


Srema teaching the children in Pikepara

This is our Paikpara centre where Mahajiban is supporting many kids. There are two set of children, the first set has just started to learn the alphabets while the other set has started to learn words.

In the video you can see Srema teaching the children. Srema is a PhD(geology) holder from Australia and is extremely passionate about teaching children.

Pampa is studying graduation along with teaching the kindergarten children alphabets and numbers

Avishikta is doing well

A good news for you all, Avishikta is doing well and will be back home soon. The gall bladder stone operation was carried out and 26 stones were removed. She is still in Hyderabad under observation. We thank you all for your support.